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5 Views Original Sin

Original Sin and the Fall: Five Views

InterVarsity Press, 2020
Edited with my friend, Chad Meister, the book shows proponents of various views on original sin and the fall in conversation with each other. Participants are: Hans Madueme (Augustinian-Reformed), Oliver Crisp (Moderate Reformed), Joel Green (Wesleyan), Andrew Louth (Eastern Orthodox), and Tatha Wiley (Reconceived).

S&C textbook

Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues

Wiley Blackwell, 2017
An introductory textbook that surveys topics at the intersection of science and Christian faith. Included are chapters on the relationship between science and Christianity, Young Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design, the Bible, Methodological Naturalism, Natural Theology, Cosmology, Evolution, Divine Action, Mind - Soul - Brain, and the Problem of Natural Evil.


Four Views on Creation Evolution & Intelligent Design

Zondervan, 2017
Contributions by the leaders of the four major science and faith organizations in the United States: Ken Ham (Young Earth Creationism, Answers in Genesis), Hugh Ross (Old Earth Creationism, Reasons to Believe), Stephen Meyer (Intelligent Design, Discovery Institute), and Deborah Haarsma (Evolutionary Creation, BioLogos).


Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation?

InterVarsity Press, 2017
Edited with Kenneth Keathley and Joe Aguire, this book is the result of multiple years of discussion between the Old-Earth Creationist organization, Reasons to Believe, and the Evolutionary Creation organization, BioLogos. Each chapter has a professor from a Southern Baptist seminary pose a question, and representatives from each organization answer and engage with each other.


How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

InterVarsity Press, 2016
Edited with my BioLogos colleague, Kathryn Applegate, this book collects the personal stories of twenty-five scientists, theologians, philosophers, artists, and pastors. They tell how they came to reconcile their Christian faith with the science of evolution. Includes contributions by Francis Collins, N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Deborah Haarsma, James K.A. Smith, Jennifer Wiseman, Dorothy Boorse, Justin Barrett, Denis Lamoureux, Richard Mouw, and others.

Blackwell Companion

The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity

Wiley Blackwell, 2012
Edited with Alan Padgett. Fifty-four chapters from significant scholars in the academic study of science and religion explore topics on Methodology, Natural Theology, Cosmology, Evolution, Bioethics, the Mind, and others. Contributors include John Polkinghorne, Alvin Plantinga, Peter Bowler, Lydia Jaeger, Julian Baggini, Richard Swinburne, Sean Carroll, Francisco Ayala, John Haught, Robert John Russell, Lynne Rudder Baker, and others.

Christian Thought

Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction (2nd edition)

Routledge 2010, 2017
Co-authored with Chad Meister. This survey textbook walks through the eras in the history of Christian theology, exploring what leading Christian thinkers thought and why they did. Special attention is paid to the contributions of minority and suppressed voices without sacrificing the canon of historical theology. There are numerous pictures and illustrations throughout, as well as summaries of main points and further reading sections.